Add a non YouTube video to the event page


In order to add video to the Event Information section, you need to upload a video file to a video-hosting site first or choose a video already uploaded to that site. Then copy the embed code for that video, after setting the video's width to 550 pixels or less.


1. From the My Events page, click on Edit next to the name of an event to go to the Edit Page for that event. Click the Edit button next to Event Information. A window will appear.


2. Click the HTML button on the toolbar.


3. Paste the embed code into the HTML code at the point where you'd like the video to appear. Click Update.


Remember: Your video won't be viewable in the event editor. Click View to see how your event page looks. Only you can see your event page until it is published.


4. In the event editor, you can reposition the video by dragging it or cutting/pasting it within the box. You can also center or align the video by clicking on the video and using the text-alignment buttons in the HTML toolbar.


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