Add a YouTube video to the event page


In order to add video to the Event Information section, you need to upload a video file to a video-hosting site first or choose a video already uploaded to that site. Then copy the embed code for that video, after setting the video's width to 550 pixels or less.


1. From the My Events page, click on Edit next to the name of an event to go to the Edit Page for that event. If you are creating a New Event page, click on New Event, insert the event name, where it is and then click Save.


2. Click the Edit button next to Event Information. A window will appear. Click the button on the toolbar that has a picture of a Video Film. (It will say "Insert/edit embedded media" when you hover your cursor over it.)


3. In the window labeled "Insert/edit embedded media", insert the URL of your video.


4. Click the Insert button, then click Save.


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