Attendee registration process


1. The attendee chooses the tickets they want to order and clicks Order Now. They then move to the Registration Details page.


2. They will fill out the buyer and attendee forms and click Submit. They then move to the PayPal checkout page.


3. On the PayPal checkout page, the attendee has two choices:

- If an attendee pays with their PayPal account, they enter their PayPal account email address and password to continue.

- If the attendee pays with a credit card, they will select the link Pay with a credit or debit card.


4. They will then follow the instructions and make payment. When payment is successful, the buyer will receive an email order confirmation and PayPal receipt. Each attendee will receive an email with their ticket attached as a PDF.


5. The attendee just has to PRINT the PDF ticket or SAVE it on their phone and take it to the event.


If you have any questions, contact us.