HOW TO: Promote your event with Twitter

April 26, 2010

Twitter is an amazing promotional tool for events. The best events have dedicated Twitter pages, just for their event. Look at the “Le Web” conference Twitter page at The page is only about the event and topics surrounding it. You can do this for your event in five minutes. They chat to attendees and release news and updates about the conference.

To get started, follow people that are interested in what your event provides. If its comedy, follow people who are interested in comedy. This is the only way to get people to follow you back unless you’re a celebrity. Drop them a message saying hey and you’re on your way. Each person you follow is an instant, non intrusive advert to someone who may be interested in your event.

Post updates about your event as it gets closer, by announcing things like speakers, performers, teachers or topics and engage with other Twitter users on the subject. Make sure you’re promoting other people and sharing valuable information. People don’t like the “me, me, me” strategy. Nobody really minds someone who shares good content, even if some of it is their own. This is also a great way of increasing your visibility beyond your current network.

You can use Twitter Search on your profile page to find people who are talking about relevant event topics. For example, if your event is about online marketing, you can find other people, who are tweeting on the subject of online marketing, grab their attention, engage with them via replies (@username) or direct messages (DM) and they might end up following you.

Ask your friends on Twitter to send out tweets about your event. Recommendations from person to person are how events grow, especially online. People have always shared events they are going to with friends, now people are tweeting, emailing and updating their Facebook status, telling friends that they are going to events. Sharing can now be done using a mobile phone, which means promotions can now be done in real-time. Imagine its one hour into a club night and the nightclub is empty, then the nightclub sends out a promotional tweet, giving the first 100 people free entry, if word spreads, that could turn an empty club into a full house, especially if the nightclub tweet is retweeted to different people. This can be the best free promotion ever, especially as the tweet comes as a recommendation from a nightclub they follow on Twitter and want to hear from, then when the word is spread it becomes a recommendation from a friend to another friend.

Twitter is the secret weapon in making your next event more successful. When people tweet about your event, they highlight your future events. If people are tweeting that they’re having fun or they’re learning, your popularity can boom. If you haven’t sold out, encourage people to tell friends to come along and have fun. If they do, magic can happen. On Twitter, people are coming across new things all the time.

Once your event has finished keep the conversation going by chatting about the next event. Post links, share valuable information, get feedback and tweet about ideas you have. If you do this, you will build an audience of potential attendees who are waiting to get your tweets.

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