Create a ticket for group packages or discounts


1. From the My Events page, go to your event's Edit Page by clicking on Edit for your event.


2. In the Tickets section, click on the Create Ticket button. A new window will appear.


3. Enter the Ticket Name (describing what your attendees are ordering), the Price, and the Quantity.


Remember: Keep in mind that the price you set for your ticket will be multiplied by the number of tickets in the group or package, to equal the total price for that group or package. For example: If a ticket is regularly priced at $20, which for 5 tickets would cost $100 and you would like to give a $25 discount to those buying 5 tickets, the ticket price would be $75 in total.


4. Set the number of tickets included in the group package by clicking Show next to Advanced in the Create Ticket window. Enter the number of tickets included in the package in both the Min. Tickets Per Order and the Max. Tickets Per Order fields. When you are finished click Save.


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