PayPal error fixes


When trying to buy a ticket, a PayPal error message can appear. It can happen for a few reasons, normally theres nothing to worry about.

I've listed a few things below that you can check out:

1. When editing the Event Page, make sure that you have inserted the correct email address that is associated with PayPal.


2. Make sure you have either a PayPal Premier or Business account. They're free to sign up for, it just allows you to sell tickets as a merchant.


3. PayPal requires that your account is connected to a bank account. Its all part of their security process.


4. There are a few verification settings inside PayPal that must be completed to be verified as a merchant. Make sure you are verified.


5. If you've tried to buy a test ticket with PayPal using an email address that is the same as the one connected with PayPal to accept payments, then PayPal will block your progress.


If you double check these points it should sort out the problem.


If you have any questions, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .