Promote your event on the web


Always get a URL

If you’re going to connect people to an event offline, you need an online event page of some kind. People need all the details. They need something that they can pass around and show others what its about. Give them an event page. If you’re going run repeat events, consider setting up the ticketing app on Eventzi and export it onto your own website.


Add to event sites

This is where you can get some action. If you want your event to really spread, use sites like Upcoming and Eventful, to name a few. You can even publish your event on Facebook from inside Eventzi.

If you’ve got a Facebook group, put up an event notification there. If you’ve got a LinkedIn group and the event fits with the groups, add it there too.


Videos and Photos

Turn up your events buzz and show it some love. Use videos and photos for pre-event invites and promotions. Get people in the mood. You can use for photos and or for video. Encourage people to take photos and make videos at the event. Give them a reason to take photos and make videos. Make it easy for them.


A Little Tag

If you are throwing an event with a web presence, use a tag to identify the event. This lets people who write blog posts, add photos, videos and tweets to use your tag. So, if people search Google for your tag, they can find all of your events content. For instance, Techcrunch 50 used #tc50 for their event. If you search Google using that tag, you will find their event page. If you search Twitter, will see related tweets, on YouTube you will see the videos and on Flickr, the photos.


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