Registering attendees with a voucher


Here's how to set up your event page to allow those with a voucher to register. Its an alternative to using discount codes.


1. From the My Events page, click Edit next to the name of your event. It will take you to the Edit Page for you event.


2. In the Tickets section on the Edit Page, click the Create Ticket button. A window will appear.


3. In the Edit Ticket window, enter the following information:

- Ticket Name: You want to choose a name that will indicate to the attendee that they will be using a voucher when registering for this ticket type. An example would be "Using a Voucher".

- Price: Free, since they have already pre-purchased the voucher.

- Quantity: This indicates the quantity available of this particular ticket type.


Click Save.


4.  Now click on Manage to go to the Manage Page. On the Manage Page, click on Ask Questions from the menu on the left.


5. Click on the Manage Questions button. A new window will appear. From the options at the bottom, click on the Create Your Own Question link. A new window will appear.


6. Input your question into the Question field. This can be something along the lines of "Please enter your voucher number here." Then select the Type as a "line of text". Click Save. The window will close and a new window will appear.


7. Your new question will appear in the questions box. You have to make sure that this question only applies to the "Using a Voucher" ticket type, which can be changed in the dropdown. You also have to make sure that the question is required. When you are finished click Save.


After your event, you'll want to run an Attendee report to see who used the voucher. It is easily viewable by exporting the CSV file.


If you have any questions, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .