Track links to your event page


When you are promoting your event on a variety of websites or with promoters, you can use a unique tracking link to keep an eye on where your traffic and sales are coming from. You can use the knowledge you gain to ramp up your promotion through that website or promoter.


1. From My Events, find the event and click on the Manage link. On the Manage page, select Track Links from the the left sided menu.


2. Eventzi automagically generates stats about links to your event page on Eventzi and if you have embedded the ticket box or the event page into your own site.


3. You can create your own custom tracking links. To create your own tracking link, click on the Create Tracking link button. A window will appear.


4. Enter a name for the tracking link. As you type, you'll see that a unique tracking link is created in the box below. Copy this link and distribute it to the relevant promoter or website. Then click Create.

The window will close and you will see that a table will appear. This table will track the number of visits and tickets sold for each tracking link.


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